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Danielle Scholarship for Excellence and Loving-Kindness

A collaboration of the Danielle Sonnenfeld Foundation and The Academic Center of Law and Science – Sha’arei Mishpat, this unique scholarship program seeks to encourage student involvement in social-ideological pursuits. The scholarship program is open to students in all of the college’s departments who meet the dual criteria of academic excellence and volunteerism. Winning students receive a generous scholarship grant toward their continued studies.

In July 2015, Sha’arei Mishpat sponsored a special seminar in loving memory of Danielle, a”h. The seminar focused primarily on the need to resolve ethical and moral dilemmas from a Jewish perspective. Speakers at the event included Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi David Lau, who spoke about the combination of Torah and mussar; Mr. Moti Sonnenfeld who touched the hearts of the audience while describing his beloved Danielle, a”h; Professional Binyamin Sherdani, President of the Academic College and former chief scientist of the Ministry of Health who described the research at length; Professor Avraham Diskin, who presented various approaches and dilemmas in a public  government; Minister Naftali Bennett who presented  the ideal and real of the moral obligations of a public figure; and Rabbi Katzin, campus rabbi at the Academic Center.

A special tribute event in memory of Danielle Sonnenfeld. In the course of the event, scholarships for academic excellence, love, and kindness were announced: