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The Foundation’s Charters

The Danielle Foundation was founded in 5775 (2015) in memory of the unforgettable young woman Danielle Sonnenfeld, a”h.
The Foundation’s office is located on 34 Chazon Ish St., Jerusalem.

Board of Directors

Mr. Moshe Sonnenfeld
Professor Jacob Dolinger
Advocate Zally Jaffe
Rabbi Elimelech Firer
Zeev Natan Jaffe
Daniel Sonnenfeld
Alberto Edelman

Vision & Objectives

The Foundation’s objectives are to initiate, support, and assist specific projects. The scope of our charitable activities includes education, healing, and financial assistance to individuals with emphasis on the weaker elements of society.

The Foundation grants special attention to individuals in distress, be it constant or due to a specific circumstance. It likewise allocates generous funding for hachnassat kallah, helping couples from disadvantaged families cover their wedding costs.

The Foundation’s flagship project is Healing with the Heart, an initiative encouraging medical professionals to view their patients and work through the lens of humanity and compassion. The Danielle Prize is awarded annually to medical teams who show outstanding efforts in the realm of humane medical care and go beyond the call of duty to treat and encourage patients and families with warmth and compassion.

The Foundation likewise motivates medical students to adhere to the goals of healing through giving, empathy, and compassion by awarding scholarships to students who excel in their academic studies and meld scholastic achievement with humanity and contributions to society.

Danielle Sonnenfeld, a”h, was a paragon of giving, a young woman who loved each and every individual exactly as he or she was.  Her legacy of compassion and generosity is the guiding light and purpose of the Foundation which seeks to eternalize her memory through charity.