The Danielle Sonnenfeld Foundation

The Danielle Team


Innovative medical team that fills a need for patient home healthcare

The medical field oftentimes runs into difficult dilemmas such as when despite a patient’s need for ongoing medical supervision, it is nonetheless in the patient’s best interest to be at home, within their family framework, and not in a hospital setting. This tension sometimes creates a treatment problem between hospital medical staff and patients’ families.

Keren Danielle – The Danielle Foundation, established by Mr. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld in memory of his beloved daughter Danielle A”H, have sponsored an innovative project in her memory at Schneider Hospital – the “Danielle Team” – that may be an opening for revolutionary treatment and a new outlook in coordinated home healthcare.

Danielle Sonnenfeld A”H volunteered with extraordinary devotion to help and support sick children in the pediatric oncology unit at Schneider Hospital in Petah Tikva. She was keenly attentive to the distress, and felt the pain and difficulties of illness, of those under her care and was equally ecstatic with them in moments of joy. Danielle A”H was tragically killed in car accident while returning from her daily volunteer work.

The Danielle Team at Schneider, established in her memory, includes doctors and nurses who are on call 24/7 to attend to certain types of patients at home. In particular, the Danielle Team will make it possible for those children whose medical situation qualifies, to remain at home within their supportive family structures on their difficult treatment days, without diminishing the level and quality of medical treatment available to them.

The assumption –  and hope – behind this initiative is that on the heels of its success, other hospitals will follow suit, in turn fostering a change in the general medical treatment and home healthcare in Israel for patients in need and their families.