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Danielle volunteering in Beit Oranit/Photo

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I remember the first time I saw you and appreciated how deeply you connect to the precious children in the ward, how much you love them. It was during the Ezer Mi’Zion retreat in Givat Olga. On one of the evenings, right after supper, we sat on the grass outside the dining room. You were there too, surrounded by little kids jumping all over you, knocking you onto the grass, tugging at you, tickling you. They wouldn’t leave you alone. I asked you if you wanted me to save you, and with that perpetual smile gracing your pretty face and your rolling laughter, you answered so perfectly naturally, “Save me? No way! I’m crazy about these kids! They’re so much fun!” You continued fooling around with them, you amazing person!

Danielle’s Book, p. 222


This picture was drawn and photographed by Danielle: